Secret dance by my brother Mahesh

Apart from being a computer addict that he is,  I did not know that my brother Mahesh Kotekar was a nice dancer as well. I found this video of my brother which he had shot himself when he was all alone at home. He is totally focused and immersed into the moves as you can see. A nice person he is, as you can see in this cute dance :o), I hope he won’t mind me showcasing his hidden talents to the world.

Good one Mahesh, keep it up!



Would like to see more such surprises from you 🙂


Upgrade to Windows 7 RC Build

I recently downloaded the RC build for Windows 7 and installed it on my home computer. I originally had Vista on 1TB sata drive with plenty of free space on it. But I did not know if Windows 7 could dual boot into Vista. Hence I connected my spare 500GB disk made it primary boot device and installed windows 7 on it. Installation was pretty smooth and my machine was up and running in no time. I have a fairly powerful machine which could aero interface pretty well.

However following are some of the things that I still miss on Windows 7

  • Video as my desktop wallpaper
    On my vista ultimate I had downloaded the Dream Scene content which enabled setting any video as my desktop background. This feature however is missing in Windows 7. Agreed that it might slow down my computer, but nonetheless I loved to view a live river flowing through jungle on my desktop whenever I minimized everything. I hope they will add it back by the RTM time frame.
  • My Documents, My Picture and other default locations for user profiles
    As I was using Vista earlier it had accumulated many documents, pictures etc in its default folder. Despite my feedback about being able to choose the root folder during account creation, Windows 7 creates all the folders under c:\users\<username>\ folder. I then had to change the location of each of these folders (My Documents, Pictures, Videos etc) to where the Vista partition has moved (now shown as d:\users\<username>). I really appreciate the approach linux has taken in this regard. The home folder is completely configurable and you can mount a different partition altogether at this place. Very convenient if you keep changing your OS and other stuff.

Also they have removed Movie Maker from Windows 7 😦 too bad. The only thing I could not experience is the touch feature. Waiting for the hardware to be available at an affordable price in India.


Could not save a baby bird

I was exploring my new HTC S310 phone in the afternoon when I head lot of noise made by few local birds just outside my window. There were about three to four of the birds screaming out loud nonstop. Since it was rather unusual I went outside to check what the matter was and what I saw was rather surprising and touching.


They were trying to scare away a cat which had captured on of their baby. I saw that baby was still alive and rushed to save it from the cat. Seeing me, the cat left the bird and ran away, its parents, uncles (whoever) still screaming. I slowly went near the bird, and wrapped it in a newspaper. I looked around for a possible nest nearby but could not find one.

I did not know what else to do with it, for once I felt I took unnecessary responsibility of that baby bird. It was very very young to keep it with me. I thought of giving it another shot and went up my terrace and placed the bird so the others can see it easily. I waited hoping its parent will pick it up and take home. All the other birds were circling over it now and no one came near it. I thought they kind of have sensed my presence and left the place to give them some privacy.

After about an hour when I went up to check happened as the screaming of birds has calmed down a lot. Just as I could fix my sight on the bird, which has managed to crawl to the edge of the terrace, took its last jump off terrace. I felt very sad. I ran to the edge, and saw that the cat which had caught it initially stood right before this baby bird which I think was dead already. Cat gave me a kind of sarcastic smile and ran away with the bird.


I am still feeling very bad for that poor bird and was quite angry on its parents. They could have easily picked her up and saved its life. Why did they chose not to. May be its fate was to be food for that cat.

Another blog of mine

Everybody these days is having multiple blogs with different service providers. Even I created another new blog recently on blogspot which you can visit at Like spaces, even blogspot is easy to use, I will particularly use this blog to post about my work, my programming experience etc and this will continue to be my personal diary 🙂



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